Peralta Community College District


The Peralta Community College District is a collaborative of colleges advancing social and economic transformation for students and the community through quality education, rooted in equity, social justice, environmental sustainability, and partnerships.



Peralta Community College District’s Brand Story can be summed up in these 11 values. Remembering these will enable you to tell our brand story in your own words whenever the opportunity arises.

  1. Student Success and Equity: The colleges and service centers evaluate all decisions regarding how they will equitably support student and community success and empowerment.
  2. Diversity: We recognize and celebrate the strengths of our diverse students, communities, and colleagues.
  3. Excellence: We promote the highest level of quality in all programs and services.
  4. Innovation: The colleges and service centers support creative approaches to meet our communities' changing demographic, economic, and educational needs.
  5. Financial Health: We effectively manage resources.
  6. Environmental Sustainability: We engage in model environmental sustainability practices.
  7. Collaboration: The colleges and service centers use a consultative decision-making process based on trust, communication, and critical thinking.
  8. Trust: We support one another’s integrity, strength, and ability.
  9. Employee Development: We promote the development of all employees.
  10.  Communication: We seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  11.  Respect: We treat one another with care and respect.



The 9 Principles acknowledge that there are many diverse voices, perspectives, and purposes within the community and together they help Peralta prosper and flourish.

  1. Planning Drives Resources: Resources will be allocated based on information-based strategic planning processes.

  2. Shared Governance: The Strategic Plan will be implemented using a clear, structured, and participatory process to promote efficient and effective participation of students, faculty, staff, and administrators in developing well-informed decisions on a timely basis.

  3. Diversity and Shared Strengths: College autonomy and district-wide collaboration are mutually supportive and create the highest levels of student and community success.

  4. Organizational Development: The colleges and service centers provide ongoing attention to building the capacity and effectiveness of all organizational processes.

  5. Collaboration: The colleges and service centers are committed to collaborating as a team and coordinating programs and services to maximize the benefits to students and the community.

  6. Future Orientation: We strive to anticipate change and provide leadership for our communities' human and social development.

  7. Environmental Sustainability: The colleges and service centers are committed to environmentally sustainable practices which will meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  8. The Service Center Role: The term “district service centers” was adopted by PCCD to indicate that central functions support the effectiveness of educational programs and services, which are predominantly delivered at the four colleges. The service centers provide a range of services to the colleges, including human resources, fiscal management, legal, educational planning, facilities management, and marketing. At the same time, the service centers also provide guidance, support, and leadership to the colleges in administrative and compliance areas. A distinctive role for the service centers is to support collaboration across the four institutions to form a “community of colleges.”

  9. Community and Individual Empowerment: The welfare of our communities and our students is better served when they have the skills and knowledge to control their economic destinies and engage effectively in the process of governance, self-governance, and participation in their communities.


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