Yorkville University

The same philosophy of personal attention that distinguishes Yorkville Education Company as a leading provider of post-secondary education also makes us an exceptional place to work. We are a modern and progressive institution that prioritizes diversity, opens doors to those often overlooked, and provides pathways to successful careers. 
Yorkville Education LP launched in 2004 with one program, the MACP, and a simple idea: to offer people in search of a purposeful path with the flexible, rigorous, and career-focused degrees they need to succeed. We equip our online and on-campus graduates with the professional knowledge, skills and designations they need to succeed. In the last 18 years, our school has grown and opened campuses in Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick, reaching an ever-increasing number of students.
The Faculty of Behavioural Science is the largest of its kind in North America, with thousands of students from all over the country. Every day is genuinely rewarding as you teach the sharpest, most engaged students in each of the five-week learning-outcome focused terms we offer. With guidance, direction, and a heard voice in the program, you will find your place as part of our outstanding instructor team. 
If you are looking to transform the Canadian post-secondary education landscape and shine a light on academic excellence, please join us.