Binghamton University, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department

The SSIE Department has consistently secured over 5 million dollars in research funding per year for the last three years. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the SSIE Department secured $7.07 million in committed funds and had a total of approximately $6.22 million in research expenditures. Research expenditures have already reached $8.117 million for the present year. At this level of research productivity, the SSIE Department ranked the highest in the Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science and the second-highest on-campus in committed funds and research expenditures.  Our faculty members work collaboratively with over 30 sponsors from industry and federal agencies. With an excellent and growing academic reputation, the SSIE Department is internationally renowned in the electronics manufacturing/electronics packaging arena. Another area of substantial growth is health systems, and our faculty works with several major healthcare organizations across the nation and abroad. Other significant areas of growth include, but are not limited to, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, advanced data science/analytics, applied operations research/optimization, complex systems science and modeling, and energy systems. A more extensive list of active research areas within the department can be found here. The department is continuing significant expansion, including this position.

The department has twenty-six (26) faculty members and offers a BS degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), MS degrees in Systems Science (SS), Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), and Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE), and PhD degrees in Systems Science (SS) and Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE). SSIE also offers a cutting-edge executive health systems program in Manhattan. With about 220 undergraduate, 210 masters, and 180 doctoral students, the department is growing in numbers and in reputation.