Cooke School and Institute

At Cooke, we are driven by the belief that all children deserve an education that leads to an independent future—one in which they can be included as integral members of their community.


More than 30 years of Educational Innovation in Special Education

Cooke, always a leader in innovative educational approaches and best practices in special education, was founded to move the following ideals into practice:

  • strengths-based learning, 
  • inclusion
  • student diversity as a way to build a strong community 

Over the years, Cooke’s programming— including its pioneering work in transition planning and off-site education—became the norm for quality special education in NYC. It all started with the boundless potential of Cooke students. From there, we grew through innovative faculty, strong leadership and community support.

Our approach to education was built on years of teacher innovation, partnership with parents and strong school leadership.