Northumbria University

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear (GB)
Jun 07, 2022
Full time
Northumbria University Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
This interdisciplinary Research Assistant role will extend findings from the Fibre Highways EBNet-funded proof-of-concept study (11/2020-01/2022) to generate new data in the area of bacterial:textile interactions. There are two aspects to the role; firstly to undertake characterisation and testing of textile fibres and fabrics to extend the findings of Fibre Highways leading to additional publications. The second aspect is to apply the findings of Fibre Highways to two distinct research areas, selective fibre degradation and programmable biohybrid textile systems. As such the role will incorporate the following research activities: Perform physical-chemical characterisation of fibres in relation to adding data to the Fibre Highways research. This will include timed moisture and/or hydrocarbon wicking experiments, strength testing of fibres, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity testing (water globule on fibres aka BioCoatile project). Design and explore further other...