University of Arizona, Materials Science and Engineering Department

Designing materials to be the strongest, smallest, lightest, cleanest or smartest is at the core of technologies that solve societal challenges and better human lives.

Making the Impossible Possible

Materials science and engineering, for example, is addressing the global need for renewable energy sources that have minimal effect on earth’s shrinking resources. The strongest and lightest materials take us safely at hypersonic speeds into space and back. Control of materials at the atomic level enables electronic and photonic integrated circuits with better data storage and computational capabilities as well as bio-informed, personalized medical devices and therapy. And quantum materials are revolutionizing computing and communication.

Indeed, ingenious applications of materials science allow us to create material structures that bend the laws of nature and achieve mind-boggling functions, such as invisibility and self-healing.

Contributing to Variety of Products

Not only do materials scientists and engineers design materials, they also improve synthesis, fabrication and manufacturing processes, and quality control for an endless list of products.

MSE contributions are readily seen in advancements such as:

  • Biodegradable plastics for packaging and medical devices
  • High-performance silicon chips that boost cell phone storage and speed
  • Semiconductor and polymer materials for highly efficient solar panels
  • Biocompatible polymers that line artificial hearts
  • High-temperature composite materials for supersonic jets
  • Fast, cost-effective 3D printing

Graduating Career Ready

MSE academics are focused on workforce readiness through hands-on practical training – including real-world engineering experiences and research participation in some of the most advanced areas of the discipline – within a rigorous, yet adaptable, curriculum.

MSE embodies a spirit of entrepreneurship and is deeply committed to diversity, open-mindedness and curiosity. The supportive educational environment, with easy access to world-renowned faculty and modern laboratories and facilities, coupled with strong connections to a wide network of industries opens a world of professional possibilities.