University of Colorado Boulder, Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering Department

In 2008, the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado Mesa University began a partnership to offer accredited bachelor’s degrees in engineering at the campus of Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, CO. The partnership programs started by offering a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. A bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering was added in 2016, and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering was launched in 2019. Each engineering partnership program is offered in its entirety at Colorado Mesa University, but students graduate with degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder. During the first two years of each partnership program, students take courses at Colorado Mesa University from faculty of Colorado Mesa University. The remainder of each program is delivered at Colorado Mesa University by faculty of the University of Colorado who are resident at Colorado Mesa University.

The partnership programs currently have 14 faculty members in civil, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering and, to date, 170 students have graduated from the partnership programs. To learn more about the partnership programs see: