Albizu University

Albizu University is a pioneer in offering master’s programs in clinical psychology and industrial/organizational psychology in Puerto Rico. It was also the first to offer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in these disciplines and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology. From its starting point in behavioral sciences, the university expanded its program offerings to health sciences when it established bachelor’s and master’s programs in speech and language therapy and pathology in all its campuses, including the Mayagüez University Center. Speech and language therapy and pathology are now among the top professional programs that we offer in Puerto Rico and Florida. The San Juan Campus offers interdisciplinary bachelor’s degrees that allow students to pursue a concentration either in speech and language therapy or psychology. The Miami Campus offers bachelor’s degrees in education, criminal justice, and psychology, as well as a doctoral degree in human services.

Since professional psychology was its founding pillar, Albizu University has further expanded the master’s level study of psychology to include specializations in mental health counseling, school counseling, and marriage and family therapy.