University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is a diverse community of scholars and students who are actively engaged in acquiring and communicating knowledge across a broad spectrum of disciplines. We offer an excellent research-rich undergraduate and graduate education that prepares students to become engaged citizens in a world of multiple cultures, languages, and possibilities. Across all of our programs, students are given learning opportunities that incorporate the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. We offer more than just career preparation. We provide the knowledge, skills, and scholarly foundation necessary for long-term personal and professional success.

We aspire to achieve a level of national and international recognition with our faculty’s strong dedication to ensuring access for students and maintaining excellence in scholarship. We believe that a liberal arts education serves as a foundation for life-long learning and provides a gateway to the pursuit of flexible career opportunities.

We place the utmost value on inspiring our students to love learning for its own sake and remain part of an extended network of alumni; researching the most challenging questions of our time and extending the frontier of knowledge; stimulating curiosity and collaboration across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities; and, engaging the intellectual life of the College with the concerns of the people and institutions of our city, state, country, and world communities.