Saint Cloud State University, Computer Science and Information Technology Department

The Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) department at St. Cloud State University (SCSU)

We prepare our students for careers in computing and graduate education with a thorough understanding of Computer Science, Software Engineering (NEW) and Information Technologies. Our program provides opportunities to apply that knowledge while it instills enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Our ABET-accredited Computer Science undergraduate program is one of only two in Minnesota, and our master's program attracts students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Our Information Technology Security program is now part of the NSF CyberCorps community. It is the only four-year undergraduate program in IT Security within the Minnesota State Colleges and University system.

We offer a Computer Engineering program in collaboration with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

We also offer a master's degree program in Information Assurance in collaboration with the Information Systems Department.

We provide specially designed labs to enhance student learning, help faculty and students in their research and facilitate industry collaboration. Our labs:

  • House about 170 computers running Windows and Linux.
  • Have servers running Solaris connected to their clients.
  • Are equipped with state-of-the-art platforms for all our courses.
  • Provide specialized features for advanced courses in security and information technology, including a 2 x 8-core computer and a mini supercomputer with four graphics processing.
  • Include a dedicated laboratory funded by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency for cyber security research.

Our faculty members are internationally recognized for their research interests in artificial intelligence, software engineering, networking, parallel computing, operating systems, distributed computing, graphics, databases, numerical computing, computer architecture and security.