Troy University, Social Sciences Division

The Social Sciences includes several disciplines that analyze society and the world around us. At Troy University, there are several core disciplines within the Division of Social Sciences. These include Accelerated Law, Anthropology, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Social Science Education, and Sociology.

Studying the Social Sciences uniquely prepares you for life in the 21st Century. A degree in the social sciences will teach you the latest research methods to address today’s social problems in this increasingly multicultural and digitized era. We offer professional training in analytical software such SPSS and GIS. We also provide multiple hands-on research opportunities such as archaeological digs, focus group research in the community, applied sociological research projects, GIS mapping projects, and other community-based experiential projects.

Our numerous course offerings within the Division of Social Sciences are taught at the Troy home campus, the Troy Dothan campus, the Troy Montgomery Campus, and the Troy Online campus. We also offer a world class Masters in Social Science degree.

For information on the various undergraduate programs and the graduate program offered within the Division of Social Sciences, please feel free to contact us at