Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mechanical Engineering Department

MechE has a culture of curiosity that combines a rigorous education with hands-on experience. Since classes began at MIT in 1865, MechE’s faculty and students have had a passion for pushing boundaries and developing creative solutions for the world’s problems — from the development of artificial skin to pioneering 3D printing technology. We will continue to make discoveries and solve problems across an array of disciplines in the 21st century.


We educate future leaders in mechanical engineering that can model, design, innovate, and solve grand challenge problems facing our society. Our students and faculty advance science and technology by discovering solutions, designing products, and engineering workflows that help make our world a better place.


Our success in both teaching and research is greatly enhanced by cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. Inclusion of and mutual respect for each mem-ber of our community invigorate and sustain every aspect of our mission. Our efforts to close the gender gap in mechanical engineering has resulted in near gender parity in our undergraduate population.

Research Areas

We conduct cutting-edge research at the new frontiers of mechanical engineering. Faculty often specialize in more than one discipline, ensuring a fluidity of research that promotes cross-disciplinary discovery.


Our research is organized across seven collaborative disciplines:


»Design, Manufacturing, and Product Development

»Controls, Instrumentation, and Robotics

»Energy Science and Engineering

»Ocean Science and Engineering


»Micro and Nano Engineering