Purdue University, School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

Purdue University is a vast laboratory for discovery. The university is known not only for science, technology, engineering, and math programs, but also for our imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. It’s a place where those who seek an education come to make their ideas real — especially when those transformative discoveries lead to scientific, technological, social, or humanitarian impact.

Founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana, the university proudly serves its state as well as the nation and the world. Academically, Purdue’s role as a major research institution is supported by top-ranking disciplines in pharmacy, business, engineering, and agriculture. More than 39,000 students are enrolled here. All 50 states and 130 countries are represented. Add about 950 student organizations and Big Ten Boilermaker athletics, and you get a college atmosphere that’s without rival.

Purdue University Aviation and Transportation Technology has been a global leader in aviation education since the 1930's. In fact, Purdue University Airport was the first university-owned airport in the United States. In 1930, David Ross donated a tract of land to be used as an aeronautical education and research facility at Purdue University. The world has changed since the 1930's; Purdue Aviation continues on the leading edge of research and education in the aviation and aerospace industry. We're excited to share some of the things we think make Purdue Aviation special.  The first in our new series of videos features the Cirrus SR20 aircraft in our fleet.  We have 16 of these beautiful airplanes, and students in the flight major spend many hours flying them.  Come and see!