Virginia Tech University, Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise

The HNFE department is housed in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ( and comprised of over fifty full-time faculty, instructors, and administrative staff, with over one thousand undergraduate and graduate students.

Our mission is to discover, translate, and disseminate health-related advances in human nutrition, foods, and exercise, across and through our research, teaching, Extension, and outreach/engagement. The department seeks to contribute to scientific process through:

  1. Molecular and clinical advances leading to prevention and improved treatment of obesity and chronic diseases;
  2. Behavioral discoveries that lead to effective interventions and programs across the lifespan; and
  3. Interdisciplinary research teams whose members accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries to effective public health interventions and policies that benefit Virginians and the nation. HNFE faculty have successfully obtained research grants from NIH, USDA, private foundations, industry, and state sources. Additionally, faculty members are involved extensively in interdisciplinary collaboration and translational efforts within the university, nationally, and globally.