Loyola University Chicago, School of Environmental Sustainability

Loyola University Chicago is a Jesuit University that has been committed to environmental sustainability for 20 years, having transformed its campuses to meet energy, water, and waste efficiencies that have consistently ranked the University in the top 5% of green campuses nationally. The new interdisciplinary School of Environmental Sustainability (SES) currently serves 500 undergraduate and graduate students and is housed within a state-of-the-art geothermally heated/cooled building complex containing a 3,100 sq ft greenhouse, two aquaponics facilities, a biodiesel production facility, teaching labs, environmental analytical and ecotoxicology labs, and a green dormitory. The campus prioritizes sustainability with energy efficient LEED certified buildings, permeable pavement, green roof installations, and student-run urban gardens supplying an area Farmer's Market and local food banks. The Loyola University Retreat & Ecology Campus (LUREC) has ongoing wetland and oak-hickory woodland restoration projects, a 5-acre organic farm, and is a venue for three-week summer field courses and for faculty and student research.