Carleton University, Health Sciences Department

Our Mission:

Through exceptional multidisciplinary research and learning experiences we aim to understand the complexities of health and disease, develop solutions that address current and emerging health issues, effectively communicate these solutions to diverse audience, and train exceptional future generation of health experts.

The Department of Health Sciences brings a new vision to health education and research that positions us as trailblazers in understanding and addressing the health of individuals, populations, and societies.

Our department was founded with the recognition that the best health education and research must include collaborations between individuals and groups across disciplines, from biomedical, social, mathematical, environmental, political sciences and beyond.

By integrating knowledge and methods from these different fields, we offer interdisciplinary learning and research experiences that set our students apart and ensures their success in meeting their academic and professional goals.

Our new Health Sciences Building, house state-of-the-art infrastructure for both research and teaching in our core areas of strength: Lifecourse Approach to Health, Environmental and Global Health, Big Data, and beyond. Learn more about our interdisciplinary faculty and their research.