20th Semi-Annual Diversity Online Job Fair

To help increase the quality and diversity of your applicant pool, Academic Careers is once again hosting the Diversity Online Job Fair.


Q: How does it work?

A: We have built a large database of diverse faculty, doctoral students, and professional & administrative staff members, and using push technology we alert them of your job in the Diversity Online Job Fair. It is very proactive and the best way to reach your target audience of diverse applicants.


Q: What is included?

A: Participation in the Diversity Online Job Fair includes:

  • Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant E-mail Notifications: While other sites only list jobs, our push-technology immediately notifies applicants about your jobs via an e-mail alert.

  • Traffic: Academic Careers ranks in the top 2 percentile of education-related job sites. Source: Alexa.com, an Amazon-owned, Google-powered search engine.

  • Sites like "UniversityDiversityJobFair.com" and "DiversityHiringCoalition.com"  and  "GreaterDiversityNews.com" and "ProfessorJobs.com" and "AssistantProfessorJob.com" and "LGBTQuniversityjobs.com" and many others direct applicants to your jobs on Academic Careers.

  • Other job boards, such as Google Jobs, scan AcademicCareers.com and re-publish job postings.

  • Social Media: Your job posting includes features for anyone to share it with others via Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • No barriers: There are no fees or memberships or registrations for applicants to see your job opening. Job listings on AcademicCareers.com are accessible for applicants on any device, every day, every month, year-round on the Internet.

  • Your Employer Profile can include your Diversity/Affirmative Action statement.

  • You can include live links to your online application system and web pages.

  • Review of postings by our experienced Editorial staff ensures the marketability, presentation and clarity of your job posting(s).

  • There are no deadlines or delays: You can post your job(s) at your own convenience, and once posted, your job is immediately visible to applicants.

  • Personal Access to your Employer Account allows you to easily manage, add, delete, or modify your Employer Profile and job listings.


Q: How much does an ad and participation in the Diversity Online Job Fair cost?

A: Special OfferEach up to three-month job posting including participation in the Diversity Online Job Fair is USD 295.

We also have Frequency Job posting Plans in sizes from 3 to Unlimited Job Postings.

Your advertisement will be posted for up to three full months, or the application deadline in your ad, whichever comes first.

Participation in the Diversity Online Job Fair is automatically included with each job posting at no extra charge. All you will be charged for is the actual advertisement/job posting on www.AcademicCareers.com.


Q: I am currently running an ad for a job opening on Academic Careers. Do I have to do something to participate in the Diversity Online Job Fair?

A: All jobs currently posted on Academic Careers are automatically also entered in the Diversity Online Job Fair.


Q: Do I (or applicants) have to travel to participate in the Diversity Online Job Fair?

A: The Diversity Online Job Fair is online so no need to travel and no access barriers for diverse applicants to view your job opening.


Q: How do I enter my job posting(s) and participate in the Diversity Online Job Fair?

A: To post your job follow the simple instructions:

  • If you are a returning customerClick Here.

  • If you are a new customer, Click Here.

  • Job listing fees can be paid when posting the job by Credit Card  or Check. If you want to pay by university check select the Invoice option at checkout. You then receive the invoice for processing automatically via email immediately after posting.


Q: We have 10+ job openings and want to include those in the Diversity Online Job Fair. Are there Unlimited Annual Job Posting Plans at reduced rates?

A: Yes. To learn about pricing and all the features that are included with our Unlimited Job Posting Plans, please contact your favorite advertising agency or see: Unlimited Job Posting Plans at Academic Careers.


Q: Any other questions or concerns or need help?

A: We are here to help you. Just email us at info@AcademicCareers.com or call us at (USA) 610-964-9200.