University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Our faculty, staff, and students hail from all over the world, and it is not unusual to hear many different languages spoken in our hallways. In any given semester, we represent dozens of countries, especially China and Hong Kong and India but also Columbia, Korea, Iran, the United Kingdom and Wales, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, and many others.

SJMC undergraduate students come from across the nation, from the corn fields of rural Wisconsin to the bustling downtowns of Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago. Our graduate student body has comprised a majority of international students for many years now.

We all represent perspectives across the political spectrum, practice different religious traditions, come from a range of income classes, and hold a variety of abilities and disabilities.

Our intellectual diversity informs all of our work. We prepare our students for jobs across media and communication fields — from marketing agencies to newsrooms, from non-profit outreach to research work in think tanks, universities, and governments. We have world-renowned specialists in media history, media law, media effects, health communication, journalism studies, and political communication, and are regularly ranked in the top five of the world for communication research.

Our alumni work all over the world but visit with us frequently at events and in classes to share their learning. They often help Badgers coming up behind them, representing a network throughout these industries.

The School reflects the needs of a dynamic, multi-dimensional media system and interconnected society. It is only by celebrating our differences and finding shared values – and teaching each other how to do so productively – that we can address together urgent social and political problems through the teaching, research, and practice of journalism and communication.