Legacy Prep

It’s time for us to take bold steps when it comes to education. To step out of the box, to break down barriers and to find new ways. We must give every child the opportunity to learn, explore, express themselves and discover who they are. We must empower them to be brilliant, bold, brave and be ready to change the world. We owe it to them and to the future.

At Legacy Prep, we believe every child has unlimited potential. We believe in equity and inclusiveness. We believe in nurturing the spirit and soul as well as the mind. We also
believe in customizing education to meet the wide-ranging needs of our scholars. We believe in going way beyond accepted educational standards and turning children into avid readers, critical thinkers and life-long learners.

Our time is now. To disrupt, to change, to innovate. To refuse to accept the status quo and demand more for our children. All our children. Because they deserve it.