Rochester Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering Department

The Department:

The Biomedical Engineering department at RIT offers a diverse curriculum which takes advantage of RIT’s signature cooperative education program to foster the development of a solid set of quantitative, analytical, and design skills that are specifically targeted toward biomedical applications. The program has a strong faculty with ambitious research agendas that engage both graduate and undergraduate students. The program supports an overall undergraduate class of approximately 350 students.

The four main principles of the Biomedical Engineering program are: 1) integration of engineering principles with biomedical science, 2) a solid math, science and engineering foundation for elective flexibility, 3) technical and free electives that provide depth and breadth to each student’s college experience, and 4) the incorporation of one year of flexible cooperative employment. The department strives to provide students with a well-rounded college experience that prepares them to enter directly into the work force as technically competent and sought- after professionals or to provide them with the fundamental knowledge to continue their education at the graduate level of study. The Department website can be found at



The College: The Kate Gleason College of Engineering has established a preeminent reputation in career-oriented engineering education with a rapidly growing commitment to research. It offers bachelor degree programs in biomedical, chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical and microelectronic engineering, and comprehensive, innovative graduate programs in a range of engineering disciplines including broad- based cross-disciplinary doctoral degrees in engineering and microsystems engineering. The College website can be found at