California State University, Chico, School of Education

The School of Education is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). We are a member of the Rural Schools Collaborative (RSC), and a collaborator with regional teacher induction and California subject-matter projects. Three overarching purposes guide the programs of the School of Education. Our programs prepare teachers and other school personnel for: Effective Practice - to provide meaningful educational experiences to promote the achievement of learning objectives for all learners, based on knowledge of content, of learners, and of pedagogy and informed by appropriate assessment and analysis; Reflective Practice - to continuously reflect on and improve their own professional practice, based on information gleaned from data analysis, experts, peers, and research; Engaged Practice - to collaborate with others; to serve as instructional leaders and team members in their schools, districts, and professional organizations; and to be advocates for students, families, schools, communities and the education professions.