ACS Group

South Africa Data Service Objectives:

 PEPFAR relies heavily on the use of data for decision-making, partner monitoring and program improvement. 

The primary objective of this position is to support CDC/DGHT-South Africa’s program staff in utilizing, triangulating, and visualizing data to improve the program with the goal of achieving HIV epidemic control through the existing CoAgs listed in Section C.1. 

 Specific objectives include:  Provide technical assistance to identified Division of Global HIV and TB (DGHT) branches within CDC South Africa (CDC SA) to implement data integration and visualization best practices for high priority projects in accordance with South African Government (SAG) national guidelines and PEPFAR goals and principles. 

Assist identified CDC SA DGHT branch staff with understanding data needs, strengths and weaknesses and provide ongoing guidance and support for data utilization. 

Assist CDC SA DGHT branch staff with analysis and presentations for key office deliverables (e.g., Country Operational Plan (COP), Partnership Framework Implementation Plan (PFIP) Management Committee Meetings).

Serve as the administrator of the District Profile web portal—a protected online database with dashboards of PEPFAR SA and National Department of Health (NDOH) data for measuring achievement and facilitating implementing partner management.


B.1  Task Requirements (Description of Tasks):

B.1.1 - Oversee the District Profile work plan and track progress of ongoing activities and requests for additional features. 

B.1.2 - As District Profile Administrator, manage users, develop and maintain dashboards and implement data quality assurance measures within current information platforms. 

B.1.3 - Serve as the District Profile point of contact for PEPFAR South Africa, the South African Government, (Interagency Collaborative for Program Improvement) ICPI and the third-party contractor. Provide PEPFAR and stakeholder users with active mentorship on the portal to foster proficiency and independence using the system.

B.1.4 - Work with the Strategic Information Branch and other team members for access to relevant and upto-date District Profile datasets (e.g., District Health Information System [DHIS], Expenditure Analysis, Payment Management System (PMS), Site Improvement Through Monitoring System (SIMS), Human Resources Inventory Database (HRID), District Implementation Plan (DIP).

B.1.5 - Attend and promote the use of the District Profiles in relevant meetings with internal and external stakeholders (e.g., National Department of Health (NDOH) work stream meetings, CDC branch meetings). Work with stakeholders at these meetings to ensure that the District Profiles are meeting their needs.

B.1.6 - Align NDOH and PEPFAR data and standardize data source documents to ensure consistency and accuracy across branches and agencies. 

B.1.7 - Attend District Implementation Plan (DIP) meetings and work with NDOH counterparts to integrate best practices in data use into the process.

B.1.8 - Provide trainings to DGHT/SA staff to improve Excel and data visualization skills throughout the office. Focus on building capacity within the Strategic Information Monitoring and Evaluation Team. 

B.1.9 - Contribute to branch meetings, technical working groups and work stream meetings.


Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications: ·

Post graduate degree in public health 

.A minimum of five (5) years of relevant public health experience in data management, monitoring and evaluation and HIV/AIDS program implementation. 

· International experience working with Ministries/Departments of Health, a strong preference for prior work experience working with South Africa’s National Department of Health and their District Implementation Plan (DIP) program.

· Experience in analyzing data from PEPFAR information systems including DATIM, Expenditure Analysis, and SIMS.

· Experience in conceiving and updating online portals for data visualization and dissemination.