Air Force Institute of Technology

AFIT's Graduate School of Engineering and Management focuses on high-quality graduate education and research. We work on the leading edges of the technological disciplines that keep the Air Force dominant in defending the nation. We serve the Air Force as its graduate institution of choice for engineering, applied sciences, and selected areas of management. The appeal for our distinct educational opportunities is widespread and attracts high quality students from the other US armed services, Government agencies both inside and outside the Department of Defense, coalition countries, and US citizens (civilians) from across the country.

Graduate School of Engineering and Management's Mission
The mission of the AFIT Graduate School of Engineering and Management is to produce outstanding technical leaders in the Department of Defense by providing superior graduate education built on defense-focused research.

Graduate School of Engineering and Management's Vision
The vision of the AFIT Graduate School of Engineering and Management is to be internationally recognized as the school of choice in engineering and applied science for defense-focused and research-based graduate education.

In support of the mission and vision, the Graduate School offers a variety of programs leading to the award of master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as graduate certificate programs. We maintain a strong applied research component through our research centers, some of which have been nationally recognized by the Air Force. The Graduate School is unique among graduate schools in the country: it is a graduate-only, research-based institution – in the company of only a very small number of other institutions in this category. Being a graduate-only institution provides our students with desirable advantages: a more personalized educational experience with a student-to-faculty ratio of approximately 6:1 in master’s degree programs; academic programs with an operational defense focus; and research with real-world relevance.

The selection of a graduate program is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We invite you to further explore our many programs in engineering, applied sciences, and management at AFIT, and discover all the important reasons to choose AFIT’s Graduate School of Engineering and Management for your graduate education.