Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Taube Centre for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

Taube Centre for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences is a research institution with the aim to support original research in broadly understood social sciences and the humanities. The Centre was established in 2019 as part of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, thanks to the generous donation received from Mr Tad Taube and Taube Family Foundation, with the aim to offer support to post-doctoral researchers. The Faculty is interdisciplinary and consists of institutes and smaller units which carry out research and teaching activities in a broad range of disciplines and specializations. The Faculty thus offers a rich platform for cooperation in research for fellows of the Centre. The Faculty and the University create an excellent academic environment. The city of Kraków, where the Centre is located, is a historic town with plenty of attractions, many excellent cultural institutions and a lively atmosphere.

The main mission of the Centre is to support individual research projects carried out by post-doctoral researchers selected internationally for the period of 2 academic years. Every year the Centre announces priority areas in which research project proposals are welcome. At present, in the initial period of its activities, the Centre can offer 3-4 post-doctoral positions every year, although it is envisaged that additional funds will allow the Centre to expand.

In addition to hosting post-docs, the Centre intends to develop collaborative research, apply for research grants, and conduct expert activities in the field of social sciences. The Centre will also organize conferences, workshops and training activities.

 The quality of activities of the Centre is ensured by the Scientific Board consisting of internationally renowned scholars representing different academic disciplines. The Board's main role is to discuss and formulate priority research areas for each year, and to assist in the process of selection of candidates for post-doctoral positions. The Board Members are invited to contribute to the Centre's activities and to cooperate with Fellows.