Zarmed University, Medicine Faculty

The name of the ZARMED holding consists of the Persian word "zar" - "golden" (based on the name of the Zarafshan River) and "med" - "medicine". So, the main direction of the organization of the educational process at the University "TURON ZARMED" is medicine.
The history of the creation of the university dates back to 2021, during the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the ZARMED PRATIKSHA BOG‘ISHAMOL clinic in Samarkand. The President instructed to organize a cluster based on the clinic. In order to provide instructions, in 2022, the first campus of the TURON ZARMED University was organized in the city of Bukhara.

The Samarkand campus of TZU is planned to be launched in August this year. The headquarters of the university campus management is located in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.